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"Tospo Calmo"
(Caropsyne: "The Foundations of The World")
Capital Triana
Largest City Triana
Official Languages Standard Caropsyne
  • Premier
  • Chair of the Fostana
  • Interior Minister
Democracy/Constutional Monarchy
Dr. Phodric Dormond
Rolmand, Lord Roth
Dr. Haldric Maldian
Formation 5650 Years PTE (Lindite Conquest)
(6730 Years PTE (Formation of Gingar))
 • Total
 • Water (%)

75.466 mi diameter. (06 Apr. 05)
 • Civilians
 • Military

13,450,000 (06 Apr. 05)
67,000 Naval(06 Apr. 05)
National Anthem Theomem
Regional Animal Duck
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: 99.8% )
Currency 1 Caropsyne Standard Credit ($) = 100 Tributes
 • Strategic Indutries
(April 5th, 2005)
Oil, Coal, Textiles
Sugar, Copper, Lead, Tin,
Rubber, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilisers

Pelnas is an Administrative Division in Mainland Carops. It is the Northernmost area of Carops, bordering Loslakia in the North. Pelnas is home to around 13,400,000 people, most of whom live in the Triana Metropolitan Area. Some 5% of the local population are Porthin. Pelnas is one of the poorer areas of Carops and has not experienced the economic growth seen in Fornænda or the other major cities. Pelnas was incorporated into the Kingdom of Carops in CY 2374.

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